Carbon 14 dating innacuracies

What commends it (Quran) so powerfully to the historian is its authenticity, not as the Word of God, of course, as the Muslims believe but as the secular historian cannot and should not, but rather as a document attesting to what Muhammad said at that time and place, early seventh-century Mecca.

It is not a transcript, however; our present Quran is the result of an edition prepared under the orders of Uthman...

I believe that the Bible is the unerring word of God. I will be finishing up my Masters of Science in Manufacturing Engineering (University of Wisconsin Stout) this year, and plan to continue my education afterwards. The conventional scientific view presented today is that the earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old, and the universe is between 10 and 20 billion years old. Especially not given a time scale of 6-10,000 years.

My Bible of choice is King James, but I’m not King James only. Since I have been studying this particular aspect lately, I would like to start the ball rolling with a discussion of age of the earth. These estimates are based on the amount of parent and daughter radioisotopes and other cosmological models. What's more, even if you suppose that a miraculous process did occur, it would not actually derail the scientific method of explanation.

RWMember0Posted Jun-15-2012 AMPrior interviews and articles have surmised that Jesus was either sent by the engineers to bring a message of peace to earth or was otherwise known to the engineers and the crucifixtion or killing of Jesus made the engineers angry enough to give up on the human race.

Hadley's Hope Member0Posted Jun-15-2012 AMWhy do you assume that they were planning on wiping us out?

why did't they destroy us during the mayan or hawaiin times? Stay Frosty Member0Posted Jun-15-2012 AMI think Prometheus has religious themes all over it and even hinted by Ridley, that date seems ver significant with Jesus christ and he may be an engineer or representing them to sort humanity out, and the killed him so they decided to come over and do it fully themselves as humanity didnt listen.

Something went wrong along the way and the plan back fired, breakout of Xenos or what ever had them running some made it some didnt, one of the ones made it and was infected, landed on LV426, set of his warning beacon to read all the stuff and interviews etc there defo seems to be some kind of theme in the back ground of prometheus and that 2000 year old date is cropping up alot!

Those Uthmanic clues are fragmentary, however, and large 'invented' portions might well have been added to our Quran or authentic material deleted.

Here, every legitimate translation of the Bible reads the same the Word (logos) was God (theos).

The NWT stands alone in its contention that the Word was a god.

I was reading this article "It stands to assume the Engineers were expecting to return to Earth some time around 93 CE (Prometheus lands on LV-223 in 2093, Engineers died 2,000 years ago)," this makes a fine point that we were visited by the engineers 2 more times after the issues on LV223 [img] [url= to larger pic[/url] ...

Babylonian – 1540 BCE Theoretical date the ship found on LV-223 would have arrived – 93 CE Mayan – 620 CE Hawaiian – 680 CE so it looks like the Enginneeers may have visited us 2 more times after what happened on LV223.