Dating hedgerows

They are quintessential features of both our countryside and town gardens.

They have many different functions, from marking boundaries to managing livestock or as garden design features. This section covers: Hedges can originate in a number of ways.

Along the cycleway next to Vernon Close are two woodland areas just a short walk away from the main river walk.

Birchanger Wood Trust PDF Wildflower meadows, amenity grassland, scrub areas, wetland habitats, there is also a wooden board walk and play sculpture on site.The network of footpath and bridleways that remain today evolved over time to serve the traditional way of village and town life in rural Essex.Regardless of land ownership, these tracks were the 'glue' that bound together a community that needed to walk between home, woodland, mill, market, farm and church.The i-map allows you to find out more about the features and facilities at the Seven Lochs Wetland Park.Click on the map zones or Seven Lochs Trail to zoom in for more information.