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The awards recognise the work of sisters Emma and Lucy Reeves to create and run a niche dating site that allows country-minded people to meet for friendship and dating.

Muddy Matches has received recognition at both a local and national level.

Often they cater for companionship as well as romance.

The first thing to check is the country/ies they include and where the majority of their subscribers live, since the largest English-speaking market is the USA and you will probably want to restrict yourself to the UK.

If so, then the Outdoor Duo online singles club is for you.

Additionally there are often travel garden show trips organised by clubs and travel companies where you will automatically find other plant and garden afficiandos.

If you can’t find a kindred spirit amongst the local membership, then the national gardening organisations may publish membership magazines or newsletters with information about events and possibly classified ads, including personal columns.

Whether you are looking for knowledgeable friends to share your interest, or company for garden visiting trips, there are plenty of ways of finding someone.

And for singles looking for a life partner, then it does seem to make sense to look for a common interest.