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We've made an effort to make the site as open and accepting of different peoples as possible.That being said, we currently have 12 different gender identities and 18 sexual/romantic orientations selectable.Dislikes: Hatefulness, hastiness in relationships, country music, tree nuts I like to think I’m a chilled out person. I don’t want someone who decides on a whim that they like me I want someone who likes me for me. My pronouns are they/them/theirs in English & I don’t really care about them in Dutch. I don’t really like to label my romantic/sexual orientation. I like Tumblr an awful lot, going to the cinema, bowling, having a drink or two in a nice pub, listening to music, dogs & cats, having late night philosophical conversations about the meaning of life and stuff, and meeting nice new people!I like who I am and I refuse to let people change anything about me. I accept peoples flaws and I celebrate their differences. I’m obviously from the Netherlands (south of the Netherlands), I study Social Work. If you’re interested, let me know through my tumblr. » Basic Personal Information: Jeffery or Jessie

That’s as long as it takes to get a typical college degree! After about 2.5 months, a friend helped me realize that I was actually becoming a bit bored and feeling some ennui about my life – which kind of shocked me! But just being busy and thankfully enjoying what I do for a living apparently isn’t me living life at full throttle and 100% alive. I know and exist but they are both fairly new I believe.

Contrary to popular belief, transgender people do not necessarily fall outside of the gender binary, as they often still identify as just male or female.

Polysexuals do not necessarily engage in or support polyamory, or having multiple romantic partners.

Bisexuality and pansexuality are forms of polysexuality.

Polysexuality generally rejects the idea of a gender binary, the idea that there are only two genders (male and female), rather than a spectrum of genders.