Priority the dating of scientific names in ornithology

SAFRING Coordinator Phone: (021) 650-2421 Email: [email protected] Ph D 2005: Patterns of primary moult in the weavers, Ploceidae [PDF full-thesis 5.2 MB] Qualifications and experience Dieter studied Physics at UCT, obtaining a BSc in 1987 and BSc(Hons) in 1988 (radioactivity in mussels). Dieter worked at the CSIR in Pretoria from 1990 to 1997 in the radiocarbon dating laboratory.

While working he obtained an MSc in Physics (radioactive dating of Kuiseb calcretes in Namibia).

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The dating of scientific names in ornithology: a directory to the literature and its reviewers.

Henry Eeles Dresser ( – 28 November 1915) was an English businessman and ornithologist.

Henry Dresser was born in Thirsk where his father was the manager of the bank set up by his grandfather.

His interest has expanded to include all the weaverbirds, on which he is compiling a bibliography.

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The correct citation of the comment is: ‘Morris, M. They also oppose recognition of the remaining portions of the holotype of Mastodon chimborazi, which is the type species of Haplomastodon by original designation, as a means to stabilize Haplomastodon (see Ferretti, BZN 66: 358).

Comment on the proposed precedence of Maculinea van Eecke, 1915 over Phengaris Doherty, 1891 (Lepidoptera, LYCAENIDAE) (Case 3508) 1. OPINION 2293 (Case 3482) Psittacus tenuirostris Kuhl, 1820 and Licmetis pastinator Gould, 1841 (currently Cacatua tenuirostris and Cacatua pastinator; Aves, Psittaciformes): usage conserved by designation of a neotype for Psittacus tenuirostris Kuhl, 1820OPINION 2291 (Case 3524) Thecla dumetorum Boisduval, 1852 (currently Callophrys dumetorum), proposed neotype; and Thecla sheridonii Carpenter, 1877 (currently C.

Priority the dating of scientific names in ornithology