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The ornamental fish trade has a long and successful history in using air freight.

Today, more and more aquaculture products such as eggs, fry and fingerlings are shipped by air freight in boxes.

An irregular, open crown develops with stout, erect branches.

Its deciduous leaves (9 to 23 cm long) are alternate and pinnately compound.

They appear in pea-like clusters in May and are attractive to bees.

The commercial products will come with a set of instructions, follow these to the letter.

If the fish doesn't roll over in 5 minutes, then add another drop per gallon (shake it up in water before adding).

To perform a procedure without sedation: Procedures can also be done without sedating the fish, however, care must be taken to make sure fish doesn't get away from you and take a fall.

It will be more stressful for the fish without sedation.

Place a heavy towel dampened with cold tap water as your base and then place another heavy cold tap water dampened towel over the fish covering the head but leaving the areas you're working on exposed.