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Its developers note that it is meant for adults only and is NSFW — and, indeed, I feel a little uncomfortable playing it in the office, even though the imagery is entirely SFW.

After creating a profile, which involves choosing between pronounces “she/her,” he/him,” and “they/them,” you “select yr junk” — that is, pick your sexual organ of choice, each described in highly flattering terms.

Coming Out On Top (COOT) is the story of college student Mark Matthews.

After coming out as a gay man to his two best friends, Mark must navigate through his final semester of college, while hopefully finding love along the way. ) bachelors to pursue and a variety of humorous and harrowing situations to experience, will Mark finally be free to live his life the way he wants? COOT features an extremely hilarious and heartfelt script by Obscura, founder of Obscurasoft.

Well SC2VN is a visual novel with some dating sim elements.

It's a surprisingly accurately look into the Star Craft 2 esport scene. Don't suppose there's ever been any dating sims done for Marvel, DC Star Wars or Doctor Who characters have there?

After playing a few times, I realized Erector was programmed to be one of those too-cool-for-school daters who never responds to prospective hookups.“I was surprised how readily the settings and structures of our contemporary life eroticize themselves, or accept an erotic interpretation,” Tectr’s designer and writer Claris Cyarron, a trained architect who often makes video games, told Hyperallergic.

“Buildings and infrastructure are in many ways about power, and so is sex.

With my curiosity peaked, I searched Android’s mobile store to see what the market was like, as I had also seen games such as before and knew an otome version was in development.Please read the thread rules at the bottom of the OT before posting, this is very important in order to make sure this topic stays on course and within the GAF guidelines.Also, please note that any links in the OT, while not directly, might potentially lead to NSFW material. Coming Out On Top Developer: Obscurasoft Publisher: Obscurasoft Platform: PC Genre: Visual Novel/Adult Gay Dating Sim Release Date: Dec 11th, 2014 [Worldwide, English version] Steam release TBA! Coming Out On Top is an adult gay dating sim/visual novel for the PC developed by Obscurasoft.Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You One step up from Hustle Cat on the Sliding Scale of Furry Bait, this time you don't date shapeshifters under curses but literally magic...kingdom people under curses who are also your pets.

Sims adult sexy dating game