Singer sewing machines antique dating

the problem is this long number is the serial number and we need the machine model number to help with parts, feet, needles etc.

There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it's serial number.

Prior to the late 1950's, most Singer machines DID NOT have the Model Number anywhere on the machine, thereby making it very difficult to identify.

Below is a simple procedure to help you identify your old cast metal Singer Sewing machines manufactured prior to 1960.

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around the late 1950's on-ward, most Singer Sewing Machines had their Model Numbers clearly visible on the front or base of most machines.

In 1863 the Company was reformed as the Singer Manufacturing Company.

To date your machine look on the bottom to find the serial number.

Every machine has a unique serial number which will begin with two letters followed by six numbers.

Nearly all 221 and 222 Singer Featherweights sew well or, with minor "tune ups", can be adjusted to sew well. But the important question is "How good does it look?

Singer 221and 222 Featherweights are very reliable and very straightforward to maintain. " The phrase "It looks good given its age" doesn't cut it when it comes to Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 sewing machines.